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I wrote a small erlang application to initiate a call to an adhoc conference on FreeSWITCH. I just use a simple message verto.invite just to trace behaviour and I can see the message being delivered, a response returned and an ALERT printed on the FreeSWITCH console. How do I setup the dialog and the SDP message formats? I inspected the verto demo js code, but wasn't able to figure out the proper jsonrpc format for all the supported verto.{command} messages and installing the demo was no success. Is there a document that describes the call flow and the format of the verto messages?


2015-10-04 01:52:58.456765 [ALERT] mod_verto.c:604 WRITE xxx.xx.xx.xx:48703 [{
        "jsonrpc":      "2.0",
        "id":   0,
        "error":        {
                "message":      "Dialog data missing",
                "causeCode":    95,
                "cause":        "INVALID_MSG_UNSPECIFIED",
                "message":      "CALL ERROR",
                "code": -32002

Received msg <<"{\"jsonrpc\":\"2.0\",\"id\":0,\"error\":{\"message\":\"Dialog data missing\",\"causeCode\":95,\"cause\":\"INVALID_MSG_UNSPECIFIED\",\"message\":\"CALL ERROR\",\"code\":-32002}}">>