bridging in video conference, bad video quality

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bridging in video conference, bad video quality

emiliano olivier
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Hello, thanks you in advance for all help provided.
I have successfully recompiled the master project of freeswitch
Correcly downloaded compiled and configured libav and all needed dependencies.
The freeswitch is correcly configured, i have passed 2-3 months studying it, no warning in fs_cli, all work well.
my problem concern video quality in video call 720p or 1080p.
The relevant information about video conference in xml are this:

the video size of the frame generated in trascoding (mux) are sized correcly 1280x720 but the quality of the video is very low and SD.
The same problem is present using VP8 codec, or H263+/H263 trascoded via libav or in H264 trascoded via OpenH264 mod

The problem is present even with only 2 member in conference. The virtual machine is ubuntu 14.04.1 quad core machine 4GB di ram.

can someone help in some manner? i am a bit desperate.
thank you
Emiliano Oivier