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Webrtc Verto jsapi

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I was not able to find any documentation on this. Basically all I want to do from my frontend. Is post an event to the backend. Basically run the command: uuid_broadcast 69d58330-7f7f-4e52-bb2c-9e25d9f5238b event::Event-Name=HOLD.

I'm using FreeSWITCH Version 1.4.21~64bit

I got the verto/webrtc working using the demo located here: https://webrtc.freeswitch.org/verto/index.html#page-main

I'm able to connect to the dialplan and drop the caller (PSTN/ITSPs) and verto client into a conference and the audio is flowing. I just want to send a message to the backend to tell it to do things. In my example above I want to set the caller on hold.

My verto connection in javascript looks like this:

    $.verto.init({}, bootstrap);

    function bootstrap(status) {
      that.vertoHandle = new jQuery.verto({
        login: userId + '@' + host,
        passwd: password,
        tag: "vertoAudio",
        socketUrl: 'wss://' + host + ':8082',
        audioParams: {
          googAutoGainControl: false,
          googNoiseSuppression: false,
          googHighpassFilter: false
        iceServers: true
      }, vertoCallbacks);

    var vertoCallbacks = {
      onWSLogin: onWSLogin,
      onWSClose: onWSClose,
      onDialogState: onDialogState

On successful login i make a call:

     that.call= that.vertoHandle.newCall({
          destination_number: that.liveCall.ani,
          caller_id_name: user.firstName + ' ' + user.lastName,
          caller_id_number: userId,
          useVideo: false,
          useStereo: false,
          userVariables: {}

Thanks alot. This is my first post and I've only been doing Freeswitch for a few months. I have alot of experience in Asterisk though. Let me know if more data is needed.