Overriding SIP cause 480 with 500 Problem

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Overriding SIP cause 480 with 500 Problem

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Hi Guys!

We are having an issue where we call a remote sip client, the sip client has network issues and returns a 500 error code. the freeswitch treats it as 480, but because the client sent 500 the freeswitch overrides it to 500.

is there a way to not override the error and leave it as 480? because when it returns 500 the initiating side treats it as if the freeswitch is down.

LOG Record:

c0c9bfae-a833-426c-a9d7-549f29783a63 2016-03-28 10:41:11.616278 [DEBUG] mod_sofia.c:425 sofia/internal/972549957605@fs-stb.kaymera.com Overriding SIP cause 480 with 500 from the other leg

c0c9bfae-a833-426c-a9d7-549f29783a63 2016-03-28 10:41:11.616278 [DEBUG] mod_sofia.c:431 Channel sofia/internal/972549957605@fs-stb.kaymera.com hanging up, cause: NORMAL_CLEARING

c0c9bfae-a833-426c-a9d7-549f29783a63 2016-03-28 10:41:11.636279 [DEBUG] mod_sofia.c:568 Responding to INVITE with: 500