OpenSips with Freeswitch fails hopeless

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OpenSips with Freeswitch fails hopeless

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I just want to loadbalance incoming traffic from few providers across 3-4 freeswitch servers.
The freeswitch servers just run some perl scripts which helps the callers.

I have used the opensips-loadbalance example and also the dispatcher example posted on freeswitch-wiki (and did lots, lots of trial and errors)

Situation is like this:

Provider(caller) --> Router datacenter --> Own router --> Opensips / Freeswitch servers
IP's are like this (fake but just to get an idea): --> --> --> /,

Problem is that the freeswitch or client does not know where to reply to.

In one situation the clients just throws the acks and oks to the IP, so they will never arrive at the opensips again.

If I change the opensips advertisement IP and the freeswitch internal.xml ext-sip ip to its local ip,  the ack gets to the client and back, but then the freeswitch send the acks/oks to our external internet IP.
So they will never reach the client.

Strugling and googling for days now, but situation stays the same.

Can anyone give me an advice which sip-ip / sip-ext-ip I should enter in external.xml / internal.xml
and which advertisement ip's i should use in the opensips ?

Or is this solution just impossible to achieve ?