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OPTIONS ping missing by FreeSwitch

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Does anybody know why FreeSwitch would sporadically stop sending OPTIONS packets to certain extensions? During my tests with 150 extensions I saw that usually 3-15 extensions were affected at the same time and there would be no OPTIONS packets being sent to those extensions. However, I did not see any pattern in when this occurs, and for which extensions it occurs. Any input is greatly appreciated.

FreeSwitch is configured to ping OPTIONS in every 30 seconds to all registered extensions but FreeSwitch is randomly skipping OPTIONS ping sometimes with huge gap. Due to this gap FreeSwitch marks extension Unregistered and next immediate call to extension 12060 is getting failed with error NORMAL_CLEARING.

FreeSwitch Version: 1.2 RC2

FreeSwitch configuration:

Following wireshark logs showing problem evidence.

FS_CLI logs
freeswitch@internal> 2015-07-28 11:58:08.633738 [WARNING] sofia.c:4879 Expire registration '12060@' due to options failure