Freeswitch only register 1 extension on port 5060

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Freeswitch only register 1 extension on port 5060

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Hi Guys, First time here.

I have a problem registering remote extension on a Multi tenant FusionPBX/FreeSWITCH.

I have signed up with a FusionPBX/FreeSWITCH EC2 in AWS for training purposes.
I have setup x2 extensions each in x2 locations in Multi tenant setup. Ext 201 & 202 for location 1 and Ext 201 & 202 for Location 2.

The 2 extensions in Location 1 is registering properly with FreeSWITCH. I can make incoming and outgoing calls via a SIP Trunk and calls between the extension works. They are connecting via ES2 Public IP and Ports used 1024 and 1026 (UDP).

Question I'm having is, in Location 2, only one Extension Registers with the server.
It registers via Public IP of EC2, but on port 5060. I have a feeling that it's a PORT conflict and a NAT Issue.
May be the Router Model on Location 2 causing the NAT problem. Tried adding more extension to Location 2, but only one extension gets registered.

Why Location 1 registers the extensions in unique UDP ports (1024, 1026, etc), while location 2 trying to register on port 5060.

If some one here could direct me to the right path, I highly appreciate it.

Thanks you. Guy