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Can't register Sofia profiles

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Hi, I'm running basically a stock version of FreeSWITCH but for some reason only profile 1001 works.

If I try calling 1000 or 1002 etc I get

2015-06-14 11:43:06.023897 [WARNING] sofia.c:5603 No Such Profile '1000'

If I try

sofia profile 1000 start
sofia profile 1000.xml start

it says 2015-06-14 11:45:45.183897 [WARNING] sofia.c:5603 No Such Profile '1000.xml'

I've checked and all these xml files exist within directory/default.

I should mention that X-Lite will seem to login OK for any of these 'non registered' profiles but it can't call anyone and the server CLI doesn't show any updates for anything relating to these profiles.

I feel I'm just doing something obviously stupid. Any suggestions?