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We are new to freeswitch and would like to set up a PBX system with a BigBlueButton on the side.

I've played around with BigBlueButton and have it working pretty flawlessly.

 - We would like to have two PBX systems at two sites with three remote sites piggy backing through VPN.
 - Fail over to second site if first site is down
 - We have 3 Fax lines
 - We are looking for phones that can set presence (Available, Away, DnD, Custom) and have good quality sound
 - We should be able to support at least 3 lines per phone, but if a two line model with the above specs is available, we can work with that also

I have looked over the hardware list on the FreeSwitch site, but I don't have too many resources to test different phones before implementation.

The hardware I have looked at so far is the Polycom VVX 300 and The VVX 400 with expansion (Switchboard) but it looks like the DnD button doesn't really work as intended.

Thank you in advance for any advice on the matter